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Herman Recalde - Owner

"The Renovation Expert"

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By guest, Aug 29 2016 07:45PM

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10 steps for a stress FREE renovation project

1.  What is the reason for the renovation

Upgrade / functional / accommodation?


2.  Get a vision for what you want or need

Pictures from magazines / website product links


3.  Talk with the experts

Ideas of availability / products to use / design

Home improvement companies / designers / architects / decorators


4.  Evaluate approx. cost to confirm direction of renovation according to affordability.


5.  Hire an expert

Designer / architect / decorators / project manager

Get a floor plan / design / product choices


6.  Schedule to get estimates from a professional reputable company or contractor.


7.  Now that you are able to compare apples to apples, choose two to three contractors that meet all criteria. Do a background check / check references / get proof of insurance, workman’s compensation, bond, and proper certifications.


8.  Make final decision with contractor and finalize contract.

Make sure all agreements and details offered  are in writing, deposits, draws, start date, finish dates, and any add-on’s as renovation is in process.


9.  Make sure all final inspection are done, occupancy to turn renovation project to homeowner or business owner.


10.  Enjoy your renovated space.

Herman Recalde

Welcome to my blog

TriState Contractors LLC presents to you  Herman Recalde “The Renovation Expert”. Herman has over 40 years of experience in the renovation field. He has worked with and assisted many homeowners and business owners with their small and large renovation projects and he has been involved from the beginning to the end of thousands of renovation projects.


He has helped all of his clients with everything including getting a vision, availability, design, product choices, floor plans, drawings, permits, inspections, and final occupancy of renovation. From beginning to end, his experience has been very valuable and his ideas and suggestions have made it easy for his clients to make decisions on availability and being functional on all the renovation projects they desired.



When it comes to remodeling your home or business you do it to upgrade, to make your home more functional, or for the need to accommodate more people in your home or business. Many people make the mistake of not being properly prepared to start entertaining estimates from professionals, so they are not able to get good comparable professional estimates (comparing apples with apples).


The best way to begin your adventure is by asking questions to the experts, such as designers, project managers, architects, interior and exterior decorators. Or, you can Google information on how to start a renovation project for your home or business.

Here are ten steps that can help you achieve a proper stress free professional renovation project for your home or business.

The best way to begin your project